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Hello and Welcome…

Here at Kelly+Partners Bendigo  the entire team are committed to helping you 'Build Your Business & Grow Your Wealth'.  In fact, that’s been our underlying focus since the practice was established as MGR Accountants more than 30 years ago. Back then we set about creating an accounting practice that could successfully support the taxation, business and financial planning needs of our business and farming clients.

The practice has grown substantially and over the past decade we have consistently featured in BRW's list of the top 100 accounting firms in Australia.  We have successfully mentored several thousand business owners and we work with clients at all the stages of the business life cycle, from start-up right through to succession and sale. We take great pride in our client's success and have built a reputation for delivering quality service and advice. We continue to strive to deliver exceptional value for money. 

Our service offering now includes accounting and tax, financial planning, information technology and marketing. As such, we are certainly not your average firm of accountants who just keep the score. 

We believe communication is a vital ingredient in any successful relationship and we aim to meet with our clients on a regular basis. This provides us with a better understanding of your business and allows us to discuss what’s important to you. Our quarterly ‘Business Accelerator Newsletter' and educational YouTube videos are just another way we communicate with our clients and these resources are full of business development ideas and wealth creation strategies.

We work closely with you, listen to your needs and provide a service way beyond the traditional tax and compliance accounting firm. We want to help you grow your revenue, profits and business value plus create personal wealth using tax effective strategies like negative gearing and superannuation.

How we are different …

Being a pro-active accounting firm, over the years we have responded to the changing needs of our clients. We have added a range of extra services and developed considerable marketing expertise so we can assist you with your branding, website development, social media campaigns and videos. Our mission includes helping you fast track your business success and this includes getting a better return on your marketing dollars. Of course, our services incorporate asset protection strategies and where applicable, succession planning. These skills and services distinguish Kelly+Partners Bendigo from most compliance centric accounting firms in this country.

As a progressive firm we continually adopt the latest technology and systems and aim to support our clients with their information technology needs. We believe in supporting you and your  business every step of the way and for our larger clients we even provide CFO services and regular ‘board room’ style meetings to explain how their business is performing and benchmark them against their peers.

What we specialize in…

Over time the practice has developed some niche markets including farmers, funeral homes, medical practitioners and the various building trades. In addition, we provide specialist advice to business start-ups and clients thinking of buying an investment property. When it comes to retirement planning we also provide expertise in SMSF advice and we view wealth creation as an integral part of the tax planning process.

How you’ll benefit from working with us…

As you’ll discover, we’re very different to most traditional accounting firms. A key differentiator is we view the tax return as the start, not the end of the client process. We want to help you reduce the cost of preparing your tax returns and basic compliance work plus our client brief includes helping you grow your wealth.  We also get involved in your marketing and business development activities to help you grow your business.

A lot of accountants will tell you the problems in your business but they don't offer a solution. For example, they might tell you, "you need to increase your revenue by $100,000".  We will not only show you how, we will work with you every step of the way to make it happen. In the digital age we view marketing as the difference between gloom and boom and we’ve invested a lot of time, money and resources to gain further education and training so we can  offer you solutions beyond diagnosis of the problems.

We offer you more services, value, support and high impact advice on a wider range of topics (like how to grow your business) which ultimately delivers improved results for your hard work. In turn, the flow on effect is improved financial outcomes, a better lifestyle, a more valuable business and greater wealth. This is attributable to the additional training we’ve invested in that isn't covered in standard accounting degrees. Areas including website development, search engine optimization, video production and social media are all outside the scope of the accounting firms that focus on tax returns and compliance.

Finally, our pro-active approach is part of our DNA and we strive to deliver value to our clients. ln fact, we are all about improving your financial results and if you’re a committed and ambitious business owner looking to accelerate your business success we invite you to book a FREE, one hour introductory consultation to discuss your business needs. You can expect practical business, tax, marketing and financial advice designed to help you build your business and grow your wealth.

Simply call us today on free call (03) 5443 8888 or complete your details in the box at the top of this page.

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